About Us

SVN Capital

Delivering Affluence through Excellence

At SVN Capital, we are passionate about your business. We are proud to say that we have some of the finest and most experienced investment managers in the region.

Our leadership team have over 100 years of combined experience. They have all been carefully combined to build the most innovative and disruptive investment advisory firm in the Middle East and Africa.

Unrivalled expertise

We are proud to be an independent subsidiary of Seven Solutions, a USD 100 million organisation. Our fund management teams collectively oversee in excess of 40 billion dollars of assets under management. This relationship gives us huge leverage to provide our clients with a diverse portfolio of investment and business opportunities, ranging from contemporary art to real estate and private equity offerings.

SVN Capital Board

Leadership, Executive and Advisory Board

Stefan Terry

Founder & CEO

Stefan, a multi-award-winning investment advisor, serves as the Founder and CEO of SVN Capital. With 17 years of industry expertise, he has firmly established himself as a trusted leader. His meticulous client management and deep offshore market knowledge have garnered him numerous accolades and industry recognition.

Bob Bhowmik


Having originally studied for a degree in mechanical engineering, Bob made a career decision to enter the world of banking shortly after leaving university. Now, almost two decades later, Bob’s remit as Chief Operating Officer of SVN Capital is to combine the precision approach of an engineer along with his enviable success in the financial sector.

Mark Nutter

Chairman, Seven Solutions

British entrepreneur and investor. Mark has experience in running regulated companies both in the UK and the UAE, as well as developing tech platforms for global businesses. He sold his last group of companies to Capita PLC in 2015 before becoming the founder of Seven Solutions Ltd.

Nicolas Andine

CEO, Emirates HR

Nicolas, a French National, was previously the Co-founder and CEO of Karhoo, an organisation he helped fund following the integration of the business into its controlling shareholders. He has also held several senior roles within the investment industry, such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Why Choose Us?

We stand out from the crowd

Because we are an independent subsidiary, we have access to a broad and diverse range of business and investment solutions. This gives us a fresh perspective on the marketplace and helps set us apart from our competitors.

A new breed of excellence

Our hand-picked team of experts have over 100 years of combined experience. They are the best in the industry and highly skilled in creating unique strategies to amplify your business and investments.

Innovative solutions and strategies

We pride ourselves on being different. We add value to the market through our unique product offerings, such as art investment and property, which are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

We value long-term relationships

We take your wealth seriously. Everything we do, we create with you in mind. We offer highly personalised advice and support so that you can feel confident in our partnership together.

It’s time to do big things