Stefan Terry Awarded Investment & Private Banking CEO of the Year

4 Mar 2024 | Press Releases
Stefan Terry Awarded Investment & Private Banking CEO of the Year

SVN Capital’s CEO and Founder, Stefan Terry, has been recognised as the Investment & Private Banking Middle East CEO of the Year 2023 by MEA Markets.

This article celebrates Stefan’s impressive achievements and dedication to challenging the status quo and driving innovative solutions that not only promise to redefine the industry but also pave the way for a new era of success.


There comes a point in most people’s lives when they yearn for more than their current positions. They recognise that they’re on the cusp of taking that big step, but may back down at the last second. However, Stefan Terry, CEO of SVN Capital, is one man who, despite the daunting prospect of pushing beyond his pre-established boundaries, set out to become one of Dubai’s newest investment market leaders. Join us as we venture through the experiences that inspired Stefan to take up the role of CEO, and how he leverages his expertise to offer invaluable services to high profile clients across Dubai…

Specialising in offering a diverse portfolio of investment solutions to affluent and high net worth clients, SVN Capital is a firm whose ambition shines through everything it does. Delivering on the promise of providing solutions within the art, real estate, and private equity sectors, this experienced collective has quickly been propelled towards the forefront of the market. Now, it’s renowned for its ability to challenge traditional approaches, instead opting for solutions that are bound to pave the way for a new era altogether. At the head of this charge into the future is none other than CEO Stefan Terry, a man who has exhibited excellence within the field time and time again.

Under Stefan’s watch, SVN Capital has grown into a collective with quite the reputation for consistent brilliance. Separated from its competitors by its unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo, SVN Capital has gained access to innovative investment solutions that are capable of completely reshaping the way clients view the industry. The firm is exceptionally enthusiastic about optimising investments and generating astounding returns for its clients, and does so in a pursuit of one penultimate goal: “… To empower its clients by offering them ground-breaking strategies and opportunities that align with their goals…” Essentially, SVN Capital hopes to be the go-to firm for investors who are looking for innovative, results-driven solutions.

Of course, no company can thrive without the correct guidance, and Stefan promises to uphold a revolutionary approach when it comes to leading SVN Capital forward. Having always been drawn to industries in which he can explore and collaborate alongside a diverse group of individuals, Stefan found himself quickly recognising that the world of finance was the perfect fit. Following this realisation, Stefan threw himself into the finance and investment sector, ultimately following this very path years before he took up the role of CEO. However, he soon saw that his ambitions were far exceeding his prior engagements, and so came the idea to start making a significant impact elsewhere. After all, surely there were new, innovative ways to approach age-old challenges, and Stefan was determined to explore them all to herald positive change on a regional scale.

“I am passionate about providing our clients with a superior customer experience. As a team, we take great pride in offering them unique and exciting opportunities that stand out in the market.”

Partnered with the fact that Stefan has always dreamt of running his own business, all of the pieces quickly started falling into place. He had a strong track record of building high-performing teams, driving revenue growth, and effectively managing operations; all he needed to do was take that final leap. And once he did, there definitely wasn’t any going back – SVN Capital has proven that it’s the perfect union of a brilliant idea and a highly capable man’s willpower, resulting inthe collective that we see today. Stefan set out to make something unique for the investment advisory space, and that’s exactly what SVN Capital became.

When reminiscing about the venture that he took to get to this point, Stefan had this to say – “Throughout this journey, I’ve been fortunate to receive invaluable advice and mentorship from numerous industry experts. Their guidance helped me refine my goals and shape my vision. The decision to start my own company felt like a natural nextstep, coalescing all the experiences and knowledge I had gained over the years. I saw an opportunity, not only to lead, but also to build acompany that embodied my values and aspirations. My journey has instilled in me a relentless drive to challenge the conventional – to think outside the box, and to constantly seek innovative solutions for our clients.”

As a reflection of the immense gratitude he holds for those that guided him in the past, Stefan adopts a mentor-like leadership style – one that stands as the very essence of SVN Capital itself. He has encouraged his team to recognise that the business’s success is inextricably linked with their own, and that only through enough confidence can a company transform from a loose collective to a solid unit. Once this has been achieved, it’s just a matter of showcasing this teamwork. Clients are, after all, drawn to a cohesive structure, and Stefan has spent his time ensuring that SVN Capital possesses one of the strongest workforces imaginable. Combined, these factors play a pivotal role in both the success of the firm and its clients.

Stefan details how – “In addition to mentoring, I am passionate about providing our clients with a superior customer experience. As a team, we take great pride in offering them unique and exciting opportunities that stand out in the market. It’s this synergy of personal and professional fulfilment that shapes my leadership style and ensures that everyone in our organization understands our vision and works diligently to achieve it.” SVN Capital isn’t just an investment advisory firm; it’s an entity that flawlessly exemplifies the brilliance of its people. From CEO to employee, the company is simply brimming with hand-picked talent. Talent that has never once let clients down.

Having made such remarkable progress in the past year alone, SVN Capital has so much potential that’s yet to be explored. But rest assured, Stefan Terry is determined to reveal everything the collective has to offer. So long as it benefits both his team, his industry, and his clients, he’ll never stop looking for new and innovative ways to reshape the market. We sincerely look forward to seeing SVN Capital’s exciting plans for 2024 come to fruition. With Stefan at the helm, we believe anything could very well be possible.